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Lease Application With Recurring Payment Application

Download and print out our application to setup recurring ACH or credit card payments. Send it back to us to setup recurring payments - quick and easy.

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Monthly Lease Payment by Credit Card

Downtown Auto Park makes it easy for you to pay your Monthly Lease Payment on time without the hassles of writing checks, finding a postage stamp, or worrying if your payment will reach us on time. Pay for your monthly lease payment by credit card - quickly and easily.

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Pay Online: Hold Tickets

Sometimes, customers may not have the money to pay for parking. If this is the case, we allow them to "charge" the fee and submit payment later.

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Pay Online: After Hour Tags

If you park at our 5th Street location and stay later than we're open, your vehicle will be tagged with an "After Hours Tag." You will be required to place your parking fee in the provided envelope and deposit it into the "Honor Box" near the exit.

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