Monthly Rates for 409 Marquette (4th & Marquette Parking Ramp)

Regular lease  $270.00*  Parking space 24/7/365

Reserved Lease $300.00* 6am to 6pm M-F

2 day limited lease $127.00* (same 2 days every week)

3 day limited lease $190.00* (same 3 days every week)

Evening and weekend lease $120.00* (M-F in after 4pm out by 8am the next day. All-day on Saturday/Sunday)

Clearance height 6’8”

Monthly Rates for 509 Hennepin (5th & Hennepin Parking Lot)

Regular lease 250.00* per month

* Plus tax

Daily Parking Info

Whether you're coming downtown for a sporting event, business meeting, or just a night on the town, you want to know that your vehicle is secure. So park with us.

Daily parking is subject to availability.

409 Marquette

Hourly rates start at $10
Daily Max rate of $34

509 Hennepin

Hourly rates start at $8
Daily max rate of $36